Driver 1 are the first company to provide a flexible and affordable monthly car plan specifically around young drivers

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Driver 1 can really help move away from the old unsafe cars most young drivers start with into safer nearly new cars (all with Euro Ncap 4 or 5 star ratings) which they can't normally afford to buy.

Get exclusive deals at Driver 1

Driver 1 is designed specifically around the needs and budgets of young drivers. Our cars are 3 to 5 years old and have already depreciated by 50% to 70% so our customers are paying far less.

Get exclusive deals at Driver 1

Design your own monthly plan with Driver 1, tell us how long you need a car. Driver 1 delivers ultimate flexibility for young drivers. Like your mobile phone subscription but with wheels on.

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Order your car online from just £96 a month and get it delivered to your home. 14 day money-back guarantee.

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Choose the car you want and how many months you want it for and get it delivered to your home.

All cars come with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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