How it works

Driver 1 is a new kind of online store that provides cars for young drivers on monthly personal contract purchase plans. Think 'Amazon for cars' - where you can order your first car online and have it delivered to your door within 48 hours.*

We offer an inclusive hassle-free package including warranty, breakdown cover, MOT and Road Tax included on all cars we provide, and an optional service maintenance plan for that extra peace of mind, all payable by a simple monthly payment. *Home delivery is available on selected cars within 48 hours and others within 7 days.

Monthly plans range from 12 to 48 months, and are provided on a personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement through our finance provider partners. By choosing PCP for your car not only do you obtain the lowest possible monthly payment rate but you also have ultimate flexibility at the end of the agreed term.

You can choose if you want to simply hand the car back with no obligation to pay the optional final payment (stated on the PCP agreement), or upgrade to your next car by using any retained value in the car towards a deposit on your next car, or as a third option you may wish to keep the car and pay the optional final payment either by cash or a new finance arrangement which we can help you with at competitive rates.

Even if you're not yet ready to choose a car then we recommend you get pre-approved for a PCP monthly plan so you are ready to go without any delays. So get Driver 1 Approved today by completing the form below. NB: If you're under 21 or have no credit history yet of your own a parent or guardian should complete the form, as joint hirer.