Nelson Mandela Day 18th July 2020 Celebrations

This year, in line with the date of Nelson Mandela’s International Day, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave Nelson Mandela’s eighteenth annual lecture at 6:00 PM EDT (July 18).

In his discourse, “Addressing the Inequality Pandemic: A New Social Contract for a New Era,” the Secretary-General focuses on the different layers of imbalances that the COVID-19 pandemic reveals and exacerbates.

everything is just hard to separate and destroy.

Legends are individuals who assemble and assemble.

A return to the battle against widespread racial segregation and the Crusades over Mandela’s dismissal, where the United Nations took on a significant job – an exceptional program for Mandela’s main dedicated day in 2010.

How did the day come about?

Nelson Mandela Day 2020

November 2009 – In recognition of South Africa’s previous presidential commitment to life and opportunities, the UN General Assembly announces “Nelson Mandela International Day” on 18 July. Objective A / RES / 64/13 recognizes Mandela’s qualities and his commitment to the administration of humanity in: compromise; racial connections; promotion and assurance of human rights; compromise; sexual balance and privileges of children and other helpless gatherings; fight against destruction; promoting social equality. The goal recognizes his commitment to the struggle for popular government on a global level and the promotion of a culture of harmony around the world.

What is Mandela Day?

On July 18, we constantly welcome you to check out Nelson Mandela’s International Day for any effects in your networks. Everyone has the capacity and duty to make the world a better place! Mandela Day is an event for everyone who will move and change.

67 years in the management of humanity

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to the administration of humanity – as a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of the inner voice, a global peacemaker and the primarily elected leader of a free South Africa.

Nelson Mandela’s rules

December 2015 – The General Assembly chooses to expand the scope of Nelson Mandela’s International Day to be used to improve sympathetic conditions of detention, to clarify the issue of detainees as a persistent society, and to respect members of the prison as social assistance of specific importance.

General Assembly Objective A / RES / 70/175 not only adopted the amended United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, but also approved that they should be known as the “Nelson Mandela Rules” in order to respect the legacy of the late President of the South. Africa, who through prison in 27 years throughout the battle alluded to the worse.

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